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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The West Coast Flower Phenomenon

Normally, my posts seem to be rants.

For this one, I just wanted to share with you the beauty of the West Coast of South Africa at this time of year. The normally dry and windswept coast  undergoes a stunning transformation every August and September, when normally arid land explodes into a huge blanket of wild flowers. It is one of the most beautiful and happy sights that I have ever seen: the view into the horizon- stopping only at the sea- is flowers and more flowers in every imaginable colour.

Depending on the year, they can blossom as early as July or as late as October, but the famous Postberg Reserve opens only August to September and there can be queues to get in! One day, we went specifically to see the flowers and another time, we saw them by-the-by as we drove up the West Coast. My younger daughter- whose love for flowers is second only to her love of dogs- had an especially fantastic day.

The season is a short one and it is now almost over. It fades almost as quickly as it blooms but they'll be back again next next year.

Here are some photos:

Flowers, flowers everywhere!

My favourite flowers of the season- and there were plenty to chose from.

Lost in flowers.

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