On the Beach

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Cape Town winter- again.

So, I feel a little foolish posting this, given that my last blog post about the Cape Town winter said: "was that it?".

As I sit here, by my fire (20cm away) with rain cascading like a waterfall out of the sky, I feel aggrieved. I've forgotten the fact that it was 19 degrees yesterday and we spent the day in the wine lands, the fact that I dried 3 loads of washing outside today. I am JUST SO OVER THE RAIN. It's 12 degrees and raining. OK, it's almost 9pm at night but I am so over it.

There are 3 explanations for this:

1. The honeymoon period with CT is over for me.
2. Someone stole my rose-tinted specs.
3. This winter was worse than the last one.
4. It has taken me less than 2 years to become an ungrateful Capetonian.

This winter has most certainly been wetter than the last and, I am reliably informed by fellow unhappy CT dwellers, that this has been an exceptionally cold one. But last year was exceptionally warm. So, am I speaking to people prone to hyperbole or is CT unable to produce a "normal' winter for me? What'a the deal?

My heaters and fire have been - in my view- excessively used. This is Africa. Excuse me, bringing my British educated preconceptions into play, but isn't it supposes to be warm here?

I have found myself, without me even noticing, wearing too many layers indoors, not taking a coat off when I get inside and having a good old grumble about the weather at the school gate. Somehow, umbrellas have found their way into my boot along with raincoats- on a permanent basis. Often, I find myself saying: "Can you believe this weather?". The sunny days between the cold rainy days are lost on me. I  want summer back.  I want warmth.

Sorry...what was that English Me? Yes, the lowest temperature I've experienced in the day this winter is around 7 at night and 11 in the day (once)? What's your point, English Me?

Oh, crap. I've become ungrateful. Sorry, English Me, but when you have a summer that has pretty much no rain for 4 months and then you suffer 3 days of rain followed by 2 days of sun, followed by 2 days of rain...oh, you don't get it?

Get back in the box, English Me, we're living in Cape Town, we have standards now.

Could it be that we are becoming Capetonian?

Roll on summer, or at least spring. There are ponds and lakes in parks in where no body of water has gone before. There's a message there- enough with the rain. I don't like hail. And you can keep the wind that makes the rain into a horizontal mist. For a while I thought when it rained like a dam had burst in the sky that it was the end of the world, now I'm just bored. I feel like I joined a cult that says the world is going to end on a set day but it didn't. Now I'm disillusioned. I'm over the rain. SO over the rain.

Even my kids are over the puddles- that's s saying something. C'mon...please?


  1. There is an upside, my dear aunt who has lived in CT for many years once told me that every so often there is a really long, cold and wet winter - which kills off most of the creepy crawlies.

    Maybe the Mother City getting ready for a (relatively) bug-free summer.