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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Help for Expats in South Africa

I read the other day that as of March 20 there were 160 million blogs in the world. 7 Billion people on the planet, 2 Billion using the internet. That's a lot of people using the internet and blogging.

I met this news with mixed feelings. In a way, I think it's great that everyone can get their views and info out there (including me), it means that information is not filtered by an elite (entirely, at least). On the downside, it means that I am not special. And no one likes to know they're not special. Put starkly, I am one of 160 million people who think they've got something to say and enough people might be interested to read it (although some do have multiple blogs). It kind of makes "one in a million" look like good odds, really.

It got me to think about why I write this blog- well, I like to write and it's a way of letting my friends and family all over the world know how I'm doing without having to violate their inbox. I can be aloof, like, you know, if you want me I'm here but I'm not going to, y'know, stalk you.

As time has gone on, it has transpired that some of the readers who don't know me (thank you for reading), are expats in SA, soon to be expats in SA or SA expats overseas. People who are looking around on the internet for ideas of what life is like here in Cape Town.

With this is in mind, I suspect,  the founder of Expat Blog approached me to publicise some new functionality on Expat-blog.com for would-be or existing expats in South Africa.

Expat Blog has launched a jobs and housing section to help people moving here or already here with 2 pretty fundamental aspects of life if you're moving! Even since we moved here 18 months ago, there is so much more information of the internet about life and resources here

In the Housing Section you can look for or advertise accommodation (rental, sakes, sharing and so on). Where possible, there are photos to browse and you can make contact via Expat Blog: http://www.expat-blog.com/en/housing/africa/south-africa/

The Jobs Sections allows you to upload a mini-CV, contact potential employers and look at jobs by category or contract:  job offers in South Africa.

Even since we moved here 18 months ago, there is so much more information of the internet about life and resources here- information I could have done with at the time, frankly!

If you need personalised assistance when moving to Cape Town, you might want to consider using the services of  Move Me To Cape Town (a relocation and settling in agency focussing exclusively on moves to Cape Town)- click on the  link at the top of this page.

Happy Moving!

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