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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

November was not happy..

It was as if November read my blog entry on Friday and, enraged by my mocking of his (because you know November's a boy, right?) inability to provide a half decent spring, decided to show me what he was really made of. He seems to have called in his friend November from the northern hemisphere and, after some discussion, they decided perfect way to silence that ungrateful blogger and teach her a lesson would be for it to HAIL.

Yes, ladies and gentleman, on this past Sunday  for around half an hour, ICE was hurtling from the sky. Hail the size of peas, no less. My children were fascinated and for a brief moment the hypnotic power of the super vile Agent Oso was broken as they stared out the window.

Just as an aside, why is it all programmes that children like have a theme song or riff that would qualify as torture in Guantanamo Bay? Any peace I may feel at my children having peeled themselves off me is immediately shattered as some revolting high pitched repetitive tune oozes from the TV at a volume that is unbelievable whilst watching adult programmes. Is it punishment from the parenting gods for having given in to the electronic pacifier?

Anyway, back to the weather: November, I now understand you are easily upset. For that I am sorry. No more hail, please.

It is now much sunnier but so windy. Never happy, am I?

As a friend said to me when I whinged about the weather: "Oh, I see, now the Brit is getting fussy about the weather!"

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