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Friday, 11 November 2011

The mystery of who stole the Cape Town weather.

Would you like to know what I'm wearing...? OK....

Last night, a night in NOVEMBER (so the last month of Spring) I was wearing no fewer than 3 layers. And, frankly, I was still pretty chilly. Not quite the answer you were expecting, is it? (If you were expecting a different answer, suggests you should be hitting the "next blog" button until you find what you need...)

I am obsessed with the weather, I know. Comes from years in northern Europe where you do the opposite of a rain dance most of the time and strip virtually naked if temperatures dare to go over 18.

I just feel rather cheated, to be honest. The last line of my address is: South Africa. You, got it, AFRICA. That place of sun, heat and, er... HEAT. I'm not going to go into the fact that a lot of people would say that Cape Town is not actually Africa at all. My illustration works only as a generalisation and will crumble under meteorological scrutiny. I doubt many foreigners, when thinking of Cape Town would envisage strong, icy winds, cloud cover and heavy rain as typical late spring weather here and that's what we have.

As a former lawyer, I feel that the correct term to use is "Misrepresentation". This time last year, there I was in short sleeves, patting myself on the back for making such a meteorologically savvy move. More sunshine and warmth than we Europeans knew what to do with streamed through the windows and open doors of the house. Today, November 11th, my eldest daughter went to school in her winter uniform (ok, it's just a tracksuit, but still: WINTER uniform).

Now, I'm no fool, I watch enough CSI to know when a crime has been committed.

It seems to me that someone or something has STOLEN Cape Town's weather and replaced with their own, or, alternatively with whatever was left in the weather bucket after the rest of the southern hemisphere took what they wanted. It appears that this year, Jo'burg was first in the queue and left us down south rather short changed.

So, who are the culprits? Where does the evidence lead us? Well, London comes to mind first. With a  VERY hot spell in October, it's possible they swiped our warmth and heat, packed into a a few days and in return send us the low cloud cover we have been experiencing. Classic London November weather- feeling like the sky is on your head.

But that doesn't explain the icy winds. Perhaps Siberia has had enough and there are currently reindeer basking in a warm breeze, cruelly taken from under our expectant noses.

And the rain- where has that come from? I am sure those in Bangkok are asking themselves the very same question. It's like this year it July was a bit out of it and forgot to rain and now July has bribed November somehow into dumping July's excess rain which July can't carry into next year, according the Rules of Months.

If the weather has not been stolen, I can only conclude that it is the universe's way of punishing and ridiculing me for buying an extraordinary amount of exceptionally beautiful summer dresses for my girls. Every morning I weep as I bypass the funky floral print dresses, in favour of long sleeve t-shirts (which are almost too small) and long leggings or jeans.

Either way, Cape Town, please sort it out. My parents-in-law are coming soon and this weather is just embarrassing.

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